dib Records

Researches a sound that extends from deep to tech with experimental forays, dedicated to supporting and developing the best avant-garde electronic music.
Dib Records was founded on the Spanish island of Ibiza, one of the few places in the world where innovative music has taken root.
Our mission is to encourage the emotions of the public.
We will be happy to listen to any demo, but please follow some instruction: send any demo to demo@dibrecords.com. Please do not send Mp3 below 320 KBPS , send us a direct and reproducible E link (as private Suoncloud for example or www.box.com).
Please forget all sendpace and yousendit links. All tracks must be accompanied by Contact details.
We will do our best to listen to each demo, but please understand that we will contact you only if we like your songs and if they fit our labels.